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BFF means Discounts

Yes, at Juicy Vegas Casino, we’re putting a spin on the BFF term and calling it your Black Friday Friends. How does this work? Just recommend our online casino to your friends and you can score some amazing black friday discounts at Juicy Vegas Casino. And your friends will be glad to play the top online slots with the most exclusive free spins and enjoy the best slot games with the top online casino bonuses. 

Refer Juicy Vegas Casino to your friends and ask them to sign up for free with us. Once they have signed up, they will need to inform our agents on Live Chat who recommended them. This way, we can add your name to our list of players who will receive Black Friday exclusive promotions. 

Plus, the more friends you recommend, the higher your chances of winning bigger Black Friday deals at Juicy Vegas Casino.

Flashy November

Juicy Vegas Casino is excited to announce our special Black Friday Flash Sales that are going to happen throughout this whole month of November goodies. Our Black Friday Flash Sales are amongst the best things to ensure you have the wildest winning time at Juicy Vegas Casino this month.

And the thing about these Flash Sales is that they can happen at any time and on any day during this month which makes them even more exciting. So be sure to check your email inbox and SMS reguarly to know when it’s on!


We’re putting the bet in Novem…bet and making it the best month yet at Juicy Vegas Casino. In honour of Black Friday and all things amazing, Juicy Vegas Casino has designed the best casino combo offer to ensure you have the most fun.

Join our NovemBet party and spin the reels of our newest online slots to unlock the biggest wins. Play the top online slot machines for real money and win with the top online casino bonuses.

Enjoy your Black Friday at Juicy Vegas Casino!

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