If you were standing outside of the Louvre in Paris on August 21 1911, then you would have noticed three men hurrying out of the museum, carrying with them a 200 pounds of painting, frame and protective glass case.

Seconds later, the alarm rang – the MONA LISA painting was stolen!

Who could have pulled this heist off? The police were running around the city, trying to find the robbers…

Will they succeed?

Our Bandits in the game, Cash Bandits 3 Video Slot, are not amateurs and this is definitely not their first heist. But this is their biggest one yet! Will they get away with it?

There is more to the story and you can see all the action, drama and excitement when you play our hot game. We’re talking features like wilds, scatters and free spins.

The bandits are betting a lot on this heist and they are not giving up! Worth millions of wins and more, this is the best heist that you are going to take part in. So get on board and join the bandits, they are not going to leave any cent behind. 

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