Legend has it that anyone who undertakes the 12 winning missions of Odin at Juicy Vegas Casino will be rewarded with the biggest riches and wins. Our game character in Asgard Deluxe Video Slot, had to do these 12 missions in order to win immortal wins and strength. 

And now it’s time for you to live the legend of the 12 missions at Juicy Vegas Casino and discover what true riches mean.

Mission 1 – Capture the Beast 

It’s been said that our Loch Ness Loot Video Slot has been terrorized by a giant beast with lots of scales. His roar can shake the ground and his claws cut deeper than bones. Your mission is to locate the beast and capture it. And you have this offer to help you:

340% Bonus Plus 34 Free Spins on Loch Ness Loot Video Slot. Code: 340LOOT for just $55

Mission 2 – Escape the Venomous Plants

Your second mission is an escape plan! But beware as the place that you will have to escape from has lots of snakes-looking plants and they come with pointy teeth. Will you make it? Only way to find out is with this:

280% Bonus Plus 28 Free Spins on Secret Jungle Video Slot. Code: 280JUNGLE for just $55

Mission 3 – Master the Art of Magic

Can the student overcome the teacher? This is what we are going to find when you learn the magic tricks and spells from our resident witches in our Witchy Wins Video Slot. Just make sure to not mix the incorrect ingredients or you might get a bad surprise.

340% Bonus Plus 40 Free Spins on Witchy Wins Video Slot. Code: PINK340 for just $55

Mission 4 – Bigger than Bigfoot

What happens when you come nose to nose with a beast that is bigger than Bigfoot and the one you conquered in your first mission? This is what the challenge of this fourth mission is all about and you can play with:

300% Bonus Plus 20 Free Spins on T-Rex 2 Video Slot. Code: 300ARENA for just $60

Mission 5 – The Wild Ride

This mission is out of control. Wild beast on the run and you have to tame it! Can you do it? Find out now with:

100 Free Spins on Trigger Happy Video Slot. Code: TRIANGLE for just $55

Mission 6 – Poison is Their Specialty

This one is no joke! This mission consists of you escaping from an army of frogs. They may leap a lot but their tongues are deadly and only the brave can overcome this one.

250% Bonus Plus 50 Free Spins on Frog Fortunes Video Slot. Code: 250KISS for just $55

Mission 7 – Cash Run

Quick! Grab the cash on this slot and run as fast as you can to not be caught.

300% Bonus Plus 30 Free Spins on Cash Bandits 3 Video Slot. Code: 300ALL for just $55

Mission 8 – Shiny Pearls

This is one of the toughest missions yet. You’ll be dropped in the middle of an enchanting cave filled with precious stones and gems. Your mission is to not take any and find the way out. Can you resist the temptation?

399% Bonus Plus 39 Free Spins on Gemtopia Video Slot. Code: 399GEMS for just $55

Mission 9 – Get the Secret Map

Legend has it that a secret map hides on the ship in the Goldbeard Video Slot and that only the bravest men can enter and get it out. Can you do it?

450% Bonus Plus 50 Free Spins on Goldbeard Video Slot. Code: 450TRACKS for just $55

Mission 10 – Defeat the Undead

Nothing says perilous than beating some undead and this mission is made just for that! Kick some brains and run on walking dead to make it to the end.

350% Bonus Plus 26 Free Spins on I Zombie. Code: GOBIG350 for just $55

Mission 11 – Steal the Golden Diamonds

We hear a lot about golden geese and eggs but have you heard of golden diamonds? These are extremely rare and worth more than any other golden objects. Take a peek and catch on on this mission.

335% Bonus Plus 35 Free Spins on Diamond Fiesta Video Slot. Code: 335DANCE for just $55

Mission 12 – Find The Thunder

Your last mission will be to find Odn’s legendary thunder. Legend has it that this weapon is hard to catch but those who succeed are rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. 

390% Bonus Plus 39 Free Spins on Asgard Deluxe. Code: 390ASGARD for just $55

Terms: All offers valid once per player on deposit indicated and comes with 60x wagering and 10x max cash out. Standard terms and conditions apply.